Forgotten Author of the Week - Julie Andrews Edwards

Many people do not realize that one of the greatest actresses and singers is also an author too. Ms. Andrews has written twenty-seven children's books, her first Mandy. Among her other books are The Last of the Really Great Whandoodles, Little Bo, Dumpy the Dumptruck, Simeon's Gift, Dragon:The Hound of Honor, and The Great American Mousical. Her most recent books from 2007 is wisdom that is passed down from mother to child.

Andrews herself acknowledges that some people see her as a "celebrity author" and in her own words, "This really irritates me." Andrews has been writing children's book for almost 38 years and says that it is a lifelong passion. That passion was first awakened by her father, her encouraged her to read and write through example. For the past 12 years Andrews
has been working with her daughter Emma, writing books that nurture the imagination and celebrate their sense of wonder. Together they have started their own imprint along with Hachette Book Group. Andrews is a huge advocate for children's book and especially poetry, a natural direction since she is a singer. Surely we have all discovered Julie Andrews the is now time to discover Julie Andrews Edwards the author.


Denise Harbison said...

Wow! Who knew!
Thanks for sharing.

Anne U. said...

A friend of mine is a HarperCollins author and met Julie Andrews at an event. Dame Andrews said, "Well, we authors have to stick together." My friend could barely speak.