Forgotten Author of the Week - Miriam Young

Miriam Young was an American children's book author who published over thirty books, only one of which is still in print. Born in 1913, Miriam spent her childhood growing up outside of San Francisco. She was always fascinated by her mother's stories about growing up in San Francisco in the 1880's. This fascination led to her writing two books, No Place for Mitty and Mother Wore Tights, which chronicles her parent's theatrical careers. Her most famous and still in print book is Miss Suzy, about a squirrel who finds a home in a dollhouse and makes friends with some toy soldiers. There were sequels written about Miss Suzy, but none garnered the success that was there for the first one. She wrote a series of books with illustrator Robert Quackenbush that included If I Drove a Bus, If I Drove a Tractor, If I Flew a Plane, etc. al published in the 70's. She also wrote a book illustrated by Steven Kellogg called Can't you pretend?. Many of Miriam's books were aimed at little girls and her books became extremely popular in the late 60's and early 70's.