Forgotten Author of the Week - Russell Hoban

Today's forgotten author is not really forgotten, however he has written so many book that are out of print that some of his books are forgotten. Among them is one of my favorite Christmas stories, The Mole Family's Christmas (1968). When the Mole family finds out about Christmas and the fat man in the red suit, they ask for a telescope to help them see the one thing they have always wanted to see--stars. Among one of his other books that is now out of print is Harvey's Hideout (1969), part of the Francis series. Among his more famous works are Bread and Jam for Francis (1962), The Mouse and the Child (1968), and Emmet Otter's Jug-band Christmas(1971). Emmet the Otter was later turned into a film by Jim Henson. What you may not know about Russell Hoban is that he wrote books for both children and adults. He published almost a dozen books for adults including Turtle Diary (1975), Fremder (1996), The Bat Tattoo(2002), and My Tango With Barbara Strozzi (2007).

Merry Christmas Everyone!