Author of the Week - Leslie Connor

Leslie Connor was born in Cleveland, Ohio in the family room of their old farmhouse. At 9 her family moved to New York where her dad got a job selling printing papers. Her father is the one who gave her a love of reading, bringing home book after book that Leslie devoured . As a child Leslie loved dancing, gymnastics, painting, and sewing. She received a degree from the University of Connecticut in Fine Arts. Leslie was not immediately drawn to children's books and once she was, it was the writing aspect rather than the illustrating that drew her. Her newest book Crunch, was inspired by the 1970's from the gas shortages. She saw people riding their bikes on the highway as the lines at the pumps got longer and longer and she wondered, what would happen if all the gas ran out? For hr book Waiting for Normal, Leslie began the story with the setting (a trailer in Leslie's hometown) and the story evolved from there. No matter the season, Leslie's favorite place to write is on her screened in porch with her dogs. In cold weather she brings a sleeping bag and a thermos of tea. There must always be tea.