Book of the Week - How to Train Your Dragon

Having watched the movie (twice) I thought it was high time to read the book. Usually my mantra is, the book is better. However, I think this case is more of a both are equally awesome for completely different reasons.

For those unfamiliar with the story, How to Train Your Dragon follows young Hiccup who isn't the best Viking in the world. So he has to learn how to train his dragon--the hard way. To become members of the Hairy Hooligan tribe, Hiccup must pass a three-part initiation....that he fails miserable. As is the case with any book, our hero has one thing that no one else does. He can speak dragonese, which definitely comes in handy when it is up to Hiccup the Useless to become Hiccup the Useful.

With its short, easy-to-read chapters, funny illustrations and humor, How To Train You Dragon was a fun read. It is also a perfect bridger book. Meaning that the reading level is good for kids who are just emerging out of chapter books. The best part is that there are three other books, which I am totally going to go read now. Be warned, the book and the movie are different. In the film, Hiccup doesn't speak dragonese and the Dragon Toothless has a much different personality, but kids will love it all the same.