Author of the Week - Kelly Milner Halls

Kelly Milner Halls is a self-professed weirdo. As a freelance writer, editor, and reviewer Kelly has kept herself busy over the years creating non-fiction for many readers. From dinosaurs to mummies Kelly's books and over 1200 articles have more than proven she has what it takes to be successful. This love of non-fiction and writing stemmed directly from her childhood. Kelly was the kid who asked too many questions, the one who couldn't help but interview her neighbors, and was always searching for something good to read. Being a writer never really entered her mind until she reached high school where she started writing for the school paper. Kelly discovered her love for writing, but she had difficulty writing for adults, finding that kids books for much more entertaining and weirder. Soon she was writing for magazines and newspapers from Highlights Magazines to Teen PEOPLE to The Washington Post. Kelly also helped head up a publishing house specifically for reluctant readers just like she had been. Together she and Tanya Dean Anderson created six non-fiction picture books that made weird cool. Some of Kelly's books include Dino Trekking, Kids Go! Devcer, 365 After School Activities, I Bought a Baby Chickem, Project for Pennies. She has also interviewed Chris Crutcher, Terry Trueman, Richard Peck, and Kenny Rogers. Kelly is the mother of two daughters yet still finds time to do what she loves, school visits, writing, painting, snow skiing, and playing tennis.