Illustrator of the Week - Melvyn Grant

Born in London, England, Melvyn Grant is an artist and illustrator. From a young age, Grant's artistic abilities were encouraged thanks to an understanding teacher. At the age of twelve he was the youngest student to attend The Brassey Institute School of Fine Arts. It was there that he found his style, but dropped out at eighteen due to a keen sense that there was even bigger and better things for him out there. He tried his hand at music and science, built electric guitars, and traveled. During his time away from art, Grant built and appreciation for High-end fantast illustrations. Although he was trained to work with oil paints, most of Grant's work is now done digitally. Today Grant works with publishers from all over the world. He is most well-known for being the artist associated with Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie. Additionally he has working on illustrations for Fighting Fantasy, Where's My Cow?, The Demonataseries, and The Bartimaeus Trilogy. Grant currently lives on the coast in Southeast England where he sits on the shore on hot days and meditate his next art project.