Cold Cereal Book Review

Cold Cereal by Adam Rex

 Cold Cereal Facts
Serving size 1 chapter
Number of servings 40
Primary human characters 3
Scottish Play Doe, aka Scott (possible changeling)
Erno Utz - genius
Emily Utz - supergenius
Magical creatures at least 3
Mick Leprechaun (or Clurichaun)
Harvey Pooka (rabbit-man)
Biggs indeterminate origin (hairy, large)
Evil organizations 1
Goodco Cereal Company - Purveyor of breakfast
foods aspiring to world domination
Adventure 75%
Diabolical Schemes 40%
Danger 57%
Legend 20%
Magic 68%
Humor 93%
Puzzles 35%
Mystery 49%

Not a significant source of vampires.

May contain nuts.

Daily values based on individual interest. Reader's estimation of value may be higher or lower, depending on your tolerance for this sort of thing.

Simply put: Evil cereal company is stealing magical creatures and instilling their magic into kids' cereal for nefarious schemes which Erno, Emily, and Scott must get to the bottom of with the help of a magic half bunny, a Clurichaun, and a rather large and possible Bigfoot.  

I am a huge Adam Rex fangirl and as with all his books, Cold Cereal is slightly offbeat with strange characters, smart kids, and more than one surprise. It was so easy to like these kids for they were relatable and perfect conduits for introducing this strange magical world.

Throughout the pages are Adam Rex’s signature illustrations, similar to the ones in The True Meaning of Smekday, which I was rather grateful for, for at times the descriptions of these magical creatures was a little hard to imagine and yet there was an illustration on the next page to help with this very problem.

The book did feel a bit too long at just over 400 pages. Even with the last third of the book being non-stop action I did wonder if it couldn’t have been pared down just a bit. Perhaps the hardest thing about the book though was that Rex left it open for a sequel and although I enjoyed the story (lengthy as it was) I don’t know if I liked it enough to want to read another one. It felt like a novel until the very end and despite my devotion to all things Adam Rex, I don’t know if I am devoted enough to reading another 400 page Cold Cereal book.