Illustrator of the Week: Frank Dormer

From Amazon: Frank Dormer likes to draw monsters and dinosaurs. His wife would like him to help with the dishes once in a while, but drawing dinosaurs is hard work. Once a dinosaur tried to step on his drawing pad, and Frank had to throw some popcorn at the other end of the room so the dinosaur would move. True story.

From Frank: Hi! I’m Frank Dormer. I draw a lot. sometimes I draw kids doing normal things. What I really like to draw is dinosaurs and cowboys. My wife says that I am drawing too much. Who doesn’t want to draw dinosaurs and cowboys!

Frank W. Dormer's Illustrations give me this vague nostalgia for Jack Kent. Although I would be hard pressed to explain why as I myself am not an artist, despite all the various invites to artist symposiums and illustrator blog groups, but when I picked up The Obstinate Pen, I was drawn in by it and that is enough for me.