Books With Camping Book List

A Camping We Will Go

There is no shortage of books about camping. In almost every series from Katie Kazoo to the Berenstein Bears, Little Critter to Candy Apple. There are books about how to camp, why to camp, where to camp. Novels about camp, whether it be a typical sleepaway camp or a music camp. Outdoor handy books on how to build fires and survive in the wilderness. There even books about hating camping, I presume these to be a reverse psychology didactic effort to alleviate a child's worries concerning camping. A general search brought over 1400 books. So for this list on books with camping I decided that rather than have a list of books with just camping, I would include books in which camping is important in the story, but the story is not about camping per se.

Of course I will need your help dear readers. I have wracked my brain and perused my bookshelves, but either my memory is failing or I am just too tired this week, but I only came up with a few, which means I need your help to flesh out this list.

What other books need to be included on my list?


Michael Gardner said...

I'd have to say that hatchet or white fang would be my favorite from this list, though there were parts of call of the wild that I liked better than White fang.

There are so many fantasy books in which camping is theoretically done but is completely off camera and does not affect the plot at all. Ditto for some westerns.

However in either or both Mojave Crossing, or The Sackett Brand, (both by L'Amore) Tell Sackett's survival skills and determination are integral to the story.

Ditto 'Last of the Breed' also by L'Amore.