Page by Paige Book Review

Page by Paige by Laura Lee Gulledge

This week's illustrator of the week is both a collection of illustrations and a book review. Page by Paige is a Teen graphic novel focusing on Paige, who has moved to New York and is at that age where a teen begins to discover who they truly are. As with all teens, her relationships with family, friends, and romance reveal parts of herself and examine the inner thought life that many teens can relate.

I absolutely loved how Gulledge used boxes and white space to tell her story. The boxes contained, quite literally, the action of the story, the here and now. Outside the boxes though, in corners and sometimes taking up entire pages, where Paige's inner thoughts. For example, Paige's mother is talking to Paige within the frame, a small version of Paige hangs outside of the frame commenting on how fake her mother seems. The art and use of various visual mediums reminded me of Persepolis and American Born Chinese. This is the perfect book for all of those who live inside our heads.