A Blogger's Wedding

Ahh, my dear readers, I know you have been wondering what in the world happened to that cool girl who runs that amazing children's book blog. Maybe you haven't been thinking that, but I shall tell you nonetheless. I went and got myself married. Normally, I wouldn't share personal pictures except that in true bibliophile fashion our wedding was book themed. Our centerpieces were books, the wedding favors were handmaid bookmarks, the guest book used library cards, and my bouquet was made with book pages. Now, that I have gotten back into the regular rhythm of life, I will now be returning to my regular scheduled blogging. Expect many reviews in the weeks to come because despite all those wedding preparations, I still managed to read quite a few books.


Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous dress.I like your bouquet.

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Seems like you are a fanatic of books and fun of making informative blogs. Well thanks for sharing a bit of your knowledge and experience.