Shades of Earth Book Review

Shades of Earth by Beth Revis

In this third and final installment of Beth Revis’ riveting sci-fi adventure, Amy and Elder are finally landing on Centauri Earth, having left the Godspeed behind. The new colonists soon realize though that the monsters they were warned of are real and that they may not be the only intelligent life on Centauri Earth. When their people start to be systematically picked off, Amy and Elder must unravel a mystery that may stretch all the way to Sol-Earth.

In a genre where post-apocolyptic novels have stepped in and called themselves science fiction, it is always exciting to find a true sci-fi with spaceships, space travel, and alien worlds. Beth Revis does not pull any of the stops or slow down any of the action in this final installment of her trilogy. There are plenty of deaths, explosions, monsters, and mystery to appease any audrenaline junkie.

Despite my love of this book, I am afraid that the characters did fall a little short for me. Although the plot rolled along at a pace that kept me breathless and wanting more, Amy and Elder’s budding romance felt forced and Amy’s flirtations with the military man Chris, was completely unbelievable. Amy’s wishy washy attitude towards Elder and her parents were sometimes understandable and at other times it defied logic.

That said, I think this is a lovely trilogy to add to my bookshelf and despite a characterization flaw, I found the book to be dead exciting with an interesting mystery that was fun to uncover.