Architecture According to Pigeons by Speck Lee Tailfeather Book Review

Architecture According to Pigeons by Speck lee Tailfeather (aka Stella Gurney)

I am afraid that this is one seriously niche book. Entirely educational, this is a book the older child, that is if they want to read it themselves. Amazon says it is for ages 4-8, but unless a child is very interested in architecture, I can't imagine this being a go-to read. Or better put, I just taught my four-year-old nephew what architecture was a week and a half ago and he wasn't very interested in the concept and I know he wouldn't sit still for a book this text heavy.

That said, for the niche that the book is for, I think it is perfect. It has a wonderful perspective (the pigeon), beautiful illustrations, and lots of great facts. I am be no means an architecture expert, but I felt a little more educated on this subject and reading this book.