Fraidyzoo by Thyra Heder Book Review

Fraidyzoo by Thyra Heder

Little T is afraid to go to the zoo, but she doesn't know why, so her family agrees they will not go until they figure out why she is afraid. With a lot of creativity and patience they set out to find Little T's fear.

The mark of any good picture book is the marriage between text and illustrations. Fraidyzoo is a perfect merge of the two. Cute and funny, I absolutely loved how Little T's family created all the animals from the zoo using various household items and a lot of imagination. As the story continues, the costumes get more and more elaborate too. Going back through it a second time I found all kinds of cute little things added into the illustrations and can I just say...the poor cat. There is a cat in every picture and the things this animal get subjected to. Adorable. And the things that a child could come up with. The storytime possibilities are endless.