Birdie's Big Girl Hair by Sujean Rim Book Review

Birdie's Big Girl Hair by Sujean Rim
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Release Date: February 4, 2014

Birdie's hair has gotten out of control and it is finally time for a haircut, but what style will she pick? After looking through magazines, she is still unsure. Will she choose chic, classic chignons or flowing, feathery flips. No, Birdie chooses her mom's hairdo from her high school yearbook. It's so luxurious, shiny, and full of bounce, but as we all know, it never looks the same as when a hairstylist does it.

I don't remember my first haircut or the second, third, or forth. I do remember wanting a perm when I was eleven, which was a HUGE mistake, but beyond that, despite a couple of different styles, I don't actually remember wanting any particular style. However, having followed friends on Facebook who have young girls, this is apparently a big deal. I imagine it was a big deal for me as well, but not big enough for me to remember it 20+ years later.

As was the case with David Shannon's Bugs in my Hair, this is one of those books for kids who may be nervous about getting a haircut. Unlike the Little Critter or Berenstein Bears books though, this book isn't didactic at all and in the end, I absolutely love Birdie's new haircut.