The Hueys in...It Wasn't Me by Oliver Jeffers Book Review

The Hueys in...It Wasn't Me by Oliver Jeffers
Publisher: Philomel Books
Release Date: April 25, 2013

The thing about the Hueys is that most of the time they agree. But sometimes they don't. Even worse, sometimes they don't even know what they are arguing about. Gillespie wants to help them solve their differences, but how can he when they can't agree on anything?

I have not read any of the other Huey books and I am not entirely sure what these sketched creatures are supposed to be, but to my eye they kind of look like pills. I can imagine that one is Advil while another is a pill for arthritis. This does not really matter as the little pill people are expressive enough and cute enough to keep a young reader engaged. The story itself is simple enough. Why argue, especially if you don't know what you are arguing about? Yet, the conclusion, which was simply distraction, didn't feel like a conclusion at all. Like the dog in the cartoon "Up", just shout the word squirrel (or in this case, fly) and that is enough to make everyone forget about their nonsensical argument and get along. That's cute enough for this simple picture book and the plus side is that the story isn't really didactic.