George in the Dark by Madeline Valentine Book Review

George in the Dark by Madeline Valentine
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Release Date: November 11, 2014

George is brave. He stands up to bullies, has a stomach of iron, and will swing higher than any of the other kids. However, all his bravery goes out the window when the lights go out. Then his bedroom becomes nightmare fuel. George's bravery is tested when his Bear ends up on the other side of the room and George must rescue him.

This is a story about courage without the fantasy ending that by facing his fear, George has overcome it completely. Yes, he rescues his bear (of course he does), but I didn't get the impression that George is still that comfortable with the dark. I also love the idea that a child can be fearless about some things, but still have things they are afraid of. I was always the kind of child who didn't mind heights, climbing trees until the limbs were snapping beneath me. No fear. But bring a needle anywhere near me and I became a complete basket case. Whether children are afraid of the dark or not, I think that they can relate this story and it is definitely a great jumping off point for talking to little ones about things they are afraid of and how they too can be brave like George.