Waiting Is Not Easy by Mo Willems Book Review

Waiting Is Not Easy by Mo Willems
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: November 4, 2014

Piggie has a surprise for Gerald, but he is going to have to wait for it. And wait. And wait. But this surprise is worth it, or so Piggie says. Only problem is Gerald really doesn't like waiting.

The newest Piggie & Elephant book (#22) is amazing as always. Like morality tales, these books so beautifully capture the emotions and daily frustrations that little ones deal with. If you have spent any time with a child, you know that patience is almost a foreign concept to them. You can practically feel Gerald's impatience. I found myself really anticipating the surprise and when it came, it really was beautiful and worth the wait, as Gerald and Piggie both note. And what is the surprise? Well, you will just have to wait and see.


pollyalice_artist said...

"little ones"? Elephant and Piggy books explain my every day life.