Counting Crows by Kathi Appelt Book Review

Counting Crows by Kathi Appelt
Illustrations by Rob Dunlavey
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Release Date: March 3, 2015

One, two, three crows in a tree, bedecked in red scarves and hungry as can be. So begins this delightful, rhyming counting book who soon have a bigger problem than hunger--a cat.

This is a fantastic read-aloud book although not strictly a counting book. The rhythm matched with the lively illustrations on a simple color palette of red, white, and black made for an engaging read. I also see a lot of storytime potential with this one. Having done storytimes for years, I consider a good storytime book to be one that not only reads well aloud, but where I can also think of crafts to accompany the story. Making little striped scarves for crows on paper would be simple. If you wanted to get fancy (as I did sometimes) I imagine there are a few ways to make life size scarves for children as well.

All in all, a solid picture book, that may not necessarily teach counting, but is a great read aloud.