Mustache Baby Meets His Match by Bridget Heos Book Review

Mustache Baby Meets His Match by Bridget Heos
Illustrations by Joy Ang
Publisher: Clarion Books
Release Date: March 3, 2015

It's the clash of the hipster babies. Baby Billy, a.k.a. Mustache Baby is feeling a bit out of sorts because the other new baby in town, Javier and his impressive board. As each baby tries to prove their manliness, it seems like friendship is the farthest thing on their mind, but we all know that facial hair unites...eventually.

Even with the first book, I thought this book was absolutely ridiculous. Which is the point, of course. The story works because it is so bizarre. Mustache Baby's mustache curls into a bad guy mustache when he is misbehaving. His mustache has a personality. As it turns out, so does Beard Baby. As much as these two kids may have the facial hair of a grown man, they are definitely still babies and that is why kids and adults alike will like this series.

Also, can we talk about the hipster birthday party potential for this one? You know those parties where they have mustaches on a stick and on cupcakes. Add in this set of books and you can now convince your friends that it really is a party for kids and not self-indulgent hipster fantasy.

*Although there is a lot of hipster snark in this review, it is meant in good fun and should be in no way, taken offensively.