Edmund Unravels by Andrew Kolb Book Review

Edmund Unravels by Andrew Kolb
Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books
Release Date: March 10, 2015

Edmund is a ball of yarn and a ball of energy. From the time he could roll, he's been exploring everything he could, but his parents have always been right there to reel him in and roll him back up. But now that's he is bigger, Edmund is ready to discover the wonders of the world. Everything is new and exciting, but sometimes, even a little ball of yarn gets lonely, and there's nothing better than the comfort of being around those who care about you.

This is an adorable book. Edmund is given just enough leash (a.k.a. thread) to explore, while still being protected by his loving family who pull him back in when he goes too far. It is comforting in a way, at least it would be for a child with parents who do reel them back them. Another part of me wonders if a child will see it that way though, because when I look at this through the eyes of the intended audience, I would wonder why Edmund needs to be wound back up in the first place. If there was something like, he is wound back of tight before he is tucked in at night, that makes sense. The impression instead is that Edmund is reeled back in whenever he strays too far, which sounds great to parents, but would feel stifling to an independent child. Maybe this is just me and I am reading too much into this story. As long as you keep things surface level the book is just fine, but my experience with five-year-olds is that they WILL ask you a million questions and the logic of this story doesn't stand up under scrutiny.