Look! by Jeff Mack Book Review

Look! by Jeff Mack
Publisher: Philomel Books
Release Date: April 7, 2015

There are only two words in this entire book, but sometimes two words are all you need to say a lot of stuff. LOOK and OUT is what one attention starved gorrilla uses as he desperately tries to get the boy to pay attention to him.

Ridiculous in its slapstick nature and simple in its language, Look! really is a great book. I mean, this kid is missing so much as he sits there glued to his television screen, but the gorilla never gives up. The entire story really is about trying to get a kid to read rather than watch TV. (although this binge-Netflix watcher believes it is possible to do both) Kids will easily be able to join in on this one, making it perfect for storytimes. I am sure that this will be one that teachers and librarians in particular are going to love. Nothing wrong with that mind you, but us book types have a tendency to go ga-ga over books that promote reading. I can't imagine why.