Pool by Lee Jihyeon Book Review

Pool by Lee Jihyeon
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Release Date: May 5, 2015

On a hot day in a crowded pool, two children dive in and discover a beautiful world beneath the surface.

Have you ever arrived at the pool in the middle of the summer, only to discover that an uncomfortably large amount of people are basking in the semi-cool water? If you are lucky, the pool has banned floating devices and if you are may find yourself in similar waters as the children in this story. In this wordless picture book, the children imagine a world beneath the treading feet. A world of coral reefs and whales, fish and monsters. The striking juxtaposition between the colorless surface swimmers and the muted but colorful world beneath was quite striking. Although there wasn't much of a story, even where wordless picture books are concerned, but I found it quite beautiful nonetheless.