The Tapper Twins Go To War by Geoff Rodkey Book Review

The Tapper Twins Go To War by Geoff Rodkey
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Release Date: April 7, 2015

It all began with a harmless prank. Soon it became a war. Well, not a real war, but close enough. Soon, feelings are being hurt, backpacks smell like fish, and virtual armies destroyed,

It's another one of those white kids who go to private school in New York City books. I've complained about this before, but since it seems to be so popular with the agents & editors, one cannot fault the book or the author for writing it.

This is not a bad book. It's not a good book either. It is fun and whitty, with the kind of venacular that kids use, but wasn't too memorable. Writing for this age group is difficult though because the story needs to be simple and easy enough to read with topics that they will relate to (Minecraft) without talking down to them. In that respect, this book is spot on. I'm not sure about the licensing issues, but I am assuming that the video game mentioned in the book that is exactly like Minecraft was changed because otherwise you would have to pay them money. I've never been quite clear on how this works in print, but I have always found it a bit jarring. Not the fault of the author of course, but I would prefer something like what Lou Anders or Ernest Cline does in creating their own game.