Audrey's Tree House by Jenny Hughes Book Review

Audrey's Tree House by Jenny Hughes
Illustrations by Jonathan Bentley
Publisher: Scholastic
Release Date: April 28, 2015

Audrey is bigger than she was yesterday and now it should be obvious that she needs a bigger house. A tree house that is. So she tells her dad to build her one at the top of a big tree. It has a bathtub for snorkeling and a place to sip her tea. It is also rather high up and far away from everything.

I think every young child walks a fine line between wanting independence and wanting to be close to those they love. The father of this story is careful to give Audrey the space she desires, but knows that she still needs him and waits patiently for her to realize that. And who wouldn't want Audrey's Tree House. It is amazing. This story hits all the sweet spots and all the fun ones as well.