The Skunk by Mac Barnett Book Review

The Skunk by Mac Barnett
Illustrations by Patrick McDonnell
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Release Date: April 14, 2015

When a skunk first appears in the tuxedoed man's doorway, it's a strange but possibly harmless occurrence. But then the man finds the skunk following him, and the unlikely pair embark on an increasingly frantic chase through the city, from the streets to the opera house to the fairground. What does the skunk want? It's not clear--but soon the man has bought a new house in a new neighborhood to escape the little creature's attention, only to find himself missing something. 

I love Mac Barnett. So far, there hasn't been a book he has written that I haven't loved. Until this one. Absolutely pointless, this is the story about a man who is followed around by a skunk for no reason. No reason whatsoever. The illustrations are what you would expect from Patrick McDonnell, but given the pointlessness of the plot, I don't think words were really necessary. This always saddens me in a picture book since the two, illustrations and text, should blend together perfectly. Of course, as anyone who has ever read to a preschooler, the reasons they love books are strange and fascinating, so I am sure there is a kid out there who will love this too. It just wasn't for me. I need a bit more payoff to my endings.