Bunny Dreams by Peter McCarty Book Review

Bunny Dreams by Peter McCarty
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co.
Release Date: January 5, 2016

In bunny dreams, anything can happen. A bunny might know the ABCs, or count by 1-2-3s. A bunny might find the perfect carrot. A bunny might hop. . . or even fly! But every bunny needs a cozy place to rest.

It appears that bunny dreams are actually rather boring dreams full of non-sensicals like unexplained chickens and flying. Which wouldn't be too bad, except that the choices felt a bit odd and drug-induced. This is a shame, because Peter McCarty's illustrations are quite lovely, but they can't carry the story on their own. The bunnies are cute, but once they enter the dream realm things are just too bizarre and the story can't decide what it is. Concept book? Bedtime story? Fantasy? I actually think it would have been more interesting to imagine what a bunny really would dream about, what a nightmare may be, and how a momma bunny might make everything better.