Peddles by Elizabeth Rose Stanton Book Review

Peddles by Elizabeth Rose Stanton
Publisher: Paula Wiseman Books
Release Date: January 5, 2016

Peddles the pig is on a mission to make his dreams come true, because he wants to be different. He doesn't like to do the usual pig things like oinking and sleeping. He would much rather be standing, climbing, and dancing. When Peddles runs into a pile of shoes, he finds a pair of red boots that fit just right. Of course, pigs aren't really supposed to wear shoes and Peddles finds himself flat on his back, unable to walk let alone dance.

An adorable fantasy story about one pig's quest to become a dancing swine. Peddles is cute and quirky in a way that only an anthropomorphized pig can be. He is persistent and adorably drawn and although the story itself was simple, I can't help but feel like this is the Happy Feet of the pig world. Oh and there is actually one picture of a pig pooping, which as base as it is, will make the little ones giggle. Something that happens often in this book.