Explorers of the Wild by Cale Atkinson Book Review

Explorers of the Wild by Cale Atkinson
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: April 26, 2016

Two explorers, one a boy and one a bear love the outdoors. There are so many wonderful things to see. They are prepared for anything, except an encounter with each other. As one would expect, at first they are frightened, but they soon learn that they have a lot in common and exploring is a lot more fun when you have a friend with you.

Cale Atkinson has created another wonderfully illustrated and adorable book about friendship. Of course, like To The Sea the premise is a bit absurd, but all the best picture books are really. The boy and the bear parallel each other so nicely and I quite enjoyed their little adventure. So much subtle humor and I a shout out to the diversity aspect in the illustrations.