Three Magic Balloons by Julianna Marguiles Book Review

Three Magic Balloons by Julianna Margulies
Illustrations by Grant Shaffer
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Release Date: May 10, 2016

Three little girls. Three magic balloons. Tie the to the bedposts and they take the girls on a magical journey.

Let me summarize another way: Three angelic girls unselfishly feed animals at the zoo, because feeding animals at the zoo is such a hardship for children. (that was sarcasm) After being given three balloons as a reward for their altruism, the balloons then take the child up to a pseudo-heaven where they meet angels and animals that are fed by the kind thoughts of children.

This book is a hot mess. The story, if we can call it that is illogical and all over the place. It made more sense when I read that this was a story that Julianna Marguiles' dad told his children growing up. Now, no offense to dad's everywhere as some are probably brilliant storytellers, but not all bedtime stories should be made into books no matter how fondly you remember them. My dad used to tell us a story about rings and a jewel and I later figured out that he was regurgitating The Lord of the Rings. I loved his stories, but none of them deserve a print run.

The illustrations are beautiful, but seem wasted because of the weak story. The story itself was a bit too wordy for a picture book and for the age level that would probably enjoy such a story. I think this story needed a bit more tightening up and a stronger focus.