Beard in a Box by Bill Cotter Book Review

Beard in a Box by Bill Cotter 
Publisher: Knopf
Release Date: April 19, 2016

A young boy wants a beard just like his Dad's. When he discovers a hair-growth product called Beard in a Box, he can't wait to get started. When it arrives he rips it open in anticipation, applies the beard seeds, and then long?! Eighteen years? How is he ever going to have a beard like his dad's if it takes that long?

As I have said earlier, the hipsters are having babies folks. Perhaps you are a hipster reading this. I have absolutely no problem with this either. I'm glad books are starting to recognize human parents (since so many picture books are animals) with varied looks. I'm glad there are books for kids who have dad's with big bushy beards. This is actually one of my favorite beard/mustache books of late. It was cute and funny and not at all weird, unlike Mustache Baby. Perfect for all the little boy's with bearded daddies and grandpas. A great conversation starter for talking about male puberty as well.