My Dad Used to Be Cool by Keith Negley Book Review

My Dad Used to Be Cool by Keith Negley
Publisher: Flying Eye Books
Release Date: July 5, 2016

A great book for both parents and kids, this is for every parent who desperately wants their kid to know that they used to be considered cool. The dad in this book is covered in tattoos. Pictures of him in a rock band and on a motorcycle hang on the wall along with an electric guitar and a skateboard. What his son sees though, is just his dad. The colors in this book are so wonderfully engaging. The little hints of the father's former life scattered throughout the pages. As parents, you know that the real reason he has "given up" some of those things is because of the child in front of him, the child who doesn't think old dad is that cool. I will say, my first thought when I started this book was, "You know the next generation are starting to have kids when we have books with tattooed daddies and a plethora of beard books." I'm happy to see those people represented in books too.