Hotel Bruce by Ryan T. Riggins Book Review

Hotel Bruce by Ryan T. Riggins
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: October 18, 2016

Remember Bruce? The grumpy bear who ended up adopting a gaggle of geese? Well, Bruce is still grumpy, but he is also a dutiful parent and so he migrates with his goslings every winter, when he really should be hibernating. Bruce is tired. Which is why he is so upset when he returns home to find the mice have turned his home into a hotel. At first he just growls and grumbles, but when things get really crazy, Bruce flat out demands his home back.

I really love these books. Bruce has such a great personality, this grumpy bear with a not-so-secret heart of gold. Any bear who goes south for the winter with his geese children definitely deserves a medal. There is also a lot going on in these pictures. Just like in the first book there are so many wonderful little moments on every page. So much chaos. Beautiful fun chaos. A great sequel to Mother Bruce, kids are going to love this one.