Updates of a Sort

I apologize for the lapse in blog posts. It has been a rough and busy couple of weeks and not only has my writing suffered, but so has my reading. Besides the political upheaval of the past week, my last remaining grandparent also passed away last week. On the way to my Grandma's funeral I began to feel ill and by that evening was in full-blown illness.Within 24 hours my voice was completely gone. Although, I think it is just a cold, it has left me feeling utterly drained. Add to that our annual trip to the Renaissance Festival and adoption stuff and there just isn't enough time or energy to do anything.

Now, I love to read and have used it as an escape for a long time, but when life gets super hairy, it is usually the first thing to go. Not because I don't enjoy it, but because I want to actually enjoy it without distractions. Nothing makes me happier than to sit on my porch in the fall with some hot tea, a blanket, and a good book. But if I don't have the time to do that, if all I can steal is a few minutes on the toilet or during lunch, I find myself shying away from it. I don't want to read with snatches of time.

Also, I am not sure what the future holds for this blog. Not that I want to quit writing here, but we are anywhere between weeks and months from getting a teenager in our home with the endgame being adoption. Additionally, I am planning on doing a bit more volunteering, hopefully with refugees. It's my answer to this insanity. My life is about to get a whole lot busier and I will be reevaluating things as they change.