Author of the Week -Anne Spencer Lindbergh

Anne Spencer Lindbergh was the daughter of the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh and author Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Anne was one of six children born to her famous parents, born almost eight years (1940) after the notorious kidnapping and killing of her brother Charles A. Lindbergh Jr. She grew up in Connecticut. After studying at Radcliffe College for three years, Anne decided to move to Paris to finish her education. While there she met and married a fellow student Julien Feydy, who became a political scientist and university professor. Their marriage did not last though. She later met and married Jerzy Sapieyevski, a composer and conductor who moved back to the states with her, but their marriage was also not to be. She started writing books just like her mother, almost all of them for children. In her career she wrote 14 books including The People of Pineapple Place, The Shadow on the Dial, Three Lives to Live, and Bailey's Window. She was the recipient of several honors for her works, including an award for the International Reading Association. Many of her books were set in places that she had lived with scenic backgrounds. Anne moved to Vermont in 1987, and the next year married Mr. Perrin, a writer and professor of environmental studies at Dartmouth. Anne continued to teach for several more years until she developed cancer. Many of Anne's books are still in print today, but the one I remember the best was Three Lives to Live, a fascinating time travel tale that will make your head swim in all the fun ways.