Book of the Week - A Whole Nother Story

A Whole Nother Story by Dr. Cuthbert Soup

This book proves that the mania for the Lemony Snickett/Mysterious Benedict Society genre isn't dead. A Whole Nother Story is clearly keeping the world of unfortunate events alive. It is a very entertaining book full of intrigue, unusual and sometimes silly characters. A fortuneteller with short term memory loss, a tightrope walker who has vertigo, a cowboy poet, a hairless dog who can warn the family of danger approaching no matter the distance, and a one eyed sock puppet who has a mind of his own.

All these people are the everyday life of the Cheesemans who are on the run from greedy corporate gangsters, government men in suits and an international spy with a chimpanzee for a partner. The reason they are on the run is because Mr Cheeseman has or may have a time machine otherwise known as the LVR, if he can get it working, that is highly sought after by...well...everyone. As is often the case with this genre, however, the amusement is interesting but short-loved. Soon you will find yourself pining for something with a purpose or at least a meaning and that is nowhere to be found within the pages of this book. However, the younger reader will probably be entertained throughout. The writing is witty enough to hold the reader throughout, although maybe not good enough for me to read the second installment that is sure to come.