Illustrator of the Week - Peter Pan

It is no secret that Peter Pan is one of my favorite books. Perhaps my favorite part is collecting various versions of Peter Pan featuring different artists. So the illustrator this week will be a tribute to the many artists who have used Peter Pan as their muse. These are only a few, very few, illustrators, but I wanted to focus on some of the books that I actually own. Yes, I own almost a dozen versions of Peter Pan. It is my one small obsession.

Michael Hague

Al Dempster

Mary Blair

Scott Fischer
Scott Gustafson

Robert Sabuda

F.D. Bedford

Raquel Jaramillo


The Never Fairy said...

What a great collection of illustrations! Thanks for sharing.
Since you like Peter Pan, here aer two great novels to check out...

First, a book that's based on Barrie's own idea for more: Click!

Second, a cool "what if?" novel of Wendy choosing another path...but this one is NOT for kids: Click!