Poor Doreen by Sally Llyod-Jones Book Review

Poor Doreen: A Fishy Tale by Sally Lloyd-Jones
Publisher: Schwartz & Wade
Release Date: March 11, 2014

Mrs. Doreen Randoph-Potts is on a mission: to visit her second cousin twice removed who has just welcomed 157 babies. However, the day doesn't go as swimmingly as she planned and soon poor Doreen finds herself on the end of a hook and possibly soon to be dinner.

Poor Doreen is a rather oblivious fish. Even with the hook in her mouth, Doreen never realizes what kind of danger she really is in, and that is what makes the story cute. Children will easily pick out the dangerous situations that poor Doreen is getting herself into, but Doreen remains blissfully ignorant throughout the entire story. This is perhaps a bit concerning as Doreen does eventually have to go home, but with her chipper unobservant nature, I am sure she will arrive home just fine.