Toucan Can! by Juliette MacIver Book Review

Toucan Can! by Juliette MacIver
Illustrations by Sarah Davies
Publisher: Gecko Press
Release Date: March 1, 2014

A tongue-twister of a book that simply asks, can YOU do what Toucan can?

The illustrations were adorable and there was this whole Toucan can mantra that is ideal picture book word play. There were quite a few exotic animals and I imagined the whole place taking place in a zoo because where else would you find a panda, salamander, goose, and Toucan all hanging out together? Despite all the energy of the story though, I wasn't blown away by this one and it left me wanting more. Perhaps something that would be interactive or at least some kind of glossary at the end to tell me what all these different animals were. Yeah, a glossary would have been nice.