The Grudge Keeper by Mara Rockliff Book Review

The Grudge Keeper by Mara Rockliff
Illustrations by Eliza Wheeler
Publisher: Peachtree Publishers
Release Date: April 1, 2014

No one in the town of Bonnyripple ever kept a grudge. No one, that is, except old Cornelius, the Grudge Keeper. Ruffled feathers, petty snits, minor tiffs and major huffs, insults, umbrage, squabbles, dust-ups, and imbroglios-the Grudge Keeper received them all, large and small, tucking each one carefully away in his ramshackle cottage. When a fierce wind blows through Bonnyripple, the residents are forced to rescue Cornelius and actually deal with their various disputes.

Reading like a classic morality tale, The Grudge Keeper is simple and adorable. It is written with the sole purpose to teach children the importance of not holding a grudge and the value of settling disagreements. The illustrations have such a classical approach to them that at first I thought this was a reprint of an older book. As a logophile, I also loved the various words used to describe various kinds of grudges.