Henry Wants More by Linda Ashman Book Review

Henry Wants More by Linda Ashman 
Illustrations by Brooke Boynton Hughes
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Release Date: January 26, 2016

Nothing is enough for Henry. He always wants more. More games, more races, more tickles, more books. His loving family tries to  satiate him, but it is soon clear that living with Henry is a rather exhausting affair.

Henry is a typical toddler with a ton of energy and little ones are going to see themselves in him. Parents and siblings will also see themselves in the pages of the story as they get more and more exhausted throughout the day. Henry's demands are never mean or coming from a place of entitlement either. He wants more because he is having fun, not because he likes to command people to do things. That's an important distinction to be made in this story.

Also, remember a week ago with Mixed Me! where I said that there weren't a whole lot of books out their with multi-ethnic families and children? Well, her is another one and unlike the aforementioned book, this one allows the pictures to do the talking. As I said, I think there is a place for both kinds of stories. Some children need a book to spell out what being multi-ethnic is like and there are others who just need to see more characters like them in the pages of books.

This one is a perfect book for storytimes and bedtimes, anytime really, but would make a nice addition to preschool and daycare bookshelves.