Mouse Scouts by Sarah Dillard Book Review

Mouse Scouts by Sarah Dillard
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Release Date: January 5, 2016

Meet Violet, Tigerlily, Hyacinth, Petunia, Junebug, and Cricket, six new Mouse Scouts who are trustworthy and strong, thrifty and brave . Best friends Violet and Tigerlily can’t wait to start earning their merit badges. But their troop leader, Miss Poppy, is one strict rodent. Earning their first badge—planting a vegetable garden—is going to be hard work for these little mice. 

I was never a girl scout, although I did do a uber-Christian version called Missionettes. Badges existed, but I don't really recall caring about them or doing much to get them. If I recall, I didn't have many. It is perhaps this ambivalence that also made me ambivalent towards this book.

Written on the same level as the Judy Moody series, this is a good bridger books for readers who have outgrown Junie B. Jones. However, I found the story to be a bit slow with a lot of gardening facts that didn't hold my interest. I imagine that the audience for this book is rather specifically tied to girls who like Girl Scouts and/or gardening. As this is going to be a series, I think there will probably be a focus on different badges for each book. For me, the book lacked a certain amount of humor that I am used to seeing in books for this age group, but the book wasn't bad though. I feel like I have a lot of caveats for this book, because the truth is, it just isn't my kind of book. Too quiet, too girly, and too focused on something that I care very little about. It has its audience, and that audience certainly doesn't include me.