The Perfect Tree by Chloe Bonfield Book Review

The Perfect Tree by Chloe Bonfield
Publisher: Running Press Books
Release Date: January 5, 2016

Jack is off in search of the perfect tree, one that he can chop, hack and stack. Jack then stumbles upon three unlikely friends who show them their perfect trees.

Beautifully illustrated, this book reminds me of the collages I used to imagine I was making as a child. Not that the collages were imaginary, but they were always so much better in my head than in real life. This is the real life representation of the art I always wished I could do. The story can be used an environmentally friendly book with many practical applications for storytimes or the classroom. I was a bit confused as to why young Jack was so intent on finding the "perfect tree" if he was just going to us it as firewood, but that is neither here nor there.