How This Book Was Made by Mac Barnett Book Review

How This Book Was Made by Mac Barnett
Illustrations by Adam Rex
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: September 6, 2016

Ever wondered about the process of making a book? Well, this picture book covers the process from the initial idea to being printed on a printing press to being read by a reader. As someone who works in publishing, I am always trying to explain my part in the process of bookmaking. It should be no surprise then that I absolutely adore this book. Yet another fun and absurd book from Barnett and Rex that succinctly explains the book making process to kids. It also answers many of the questions I hear kids ask at book events like Where do you get you ideas from? and How many drafts did you write? It also addresses some of the "secrets" behind publishing like where books are printed and how they are transported. Of course, it is a picture book so it can't include every little step, but it is a nice overview. It also a book that I think I will be adding to my bookshelf so the next time someone asks how a book is made, I can hand them this book with a smile.