The Water Princess by Susan Verde Book Review

The Water Princess by Susan Verde
Illustrations by Peter Reynolds
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
Release Date: September 13, 2016

Water. A precious commodity for some. In Princess Gie Gie's kingdom, clean drinking water is scarce and she and her mother must walk hours to get it. Each morning she rises and makes the long journey, carrying a heavy pot on her head. Each day she dreams of living in a place where water is around the corner and is crystal-clear.

I love books like this. Books that show young children the realities of how other children live in other places. That introduce concepts that will make them think and perhaps even act. The tragedy of not having clean drinking water nearby, of not having clean water, affects everything in a child's life. I am assuming that the children who read this book will never know this tragedy, but there are things they can do. Many organizations exist that help to dig wells and create easier ways for people to get water in their villages. Even something as simple as a rolling barrel with a handle reduces the amount of time it takes to get the water. Although I think parents can do a lot with a book like this, I'm not entirely sure how a school or library would use it and would hope that it would be used in conjunction with some kind of fundraising effort.