NanoBots by Chris Gall Book Review

NanoBots by Chris Gall
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Release Date: August 23, 2016

A boy inventor creates the ultimate in high-tech superheroes that could one day save the world. These NanoBots are super tiny. They're almost too small to see and each one does something different, from medicine to carpet munchers and everything in-between. They are high-tech friends of the future that would make life so much easier for humans.

I don't understand this book. Is it a story about fantastical robots or is it trying to be a bit science-y and introduce the basic concepts of nanobots? Since some of the robots are quite ridiculous, one imagines the first, but is written more like non-fiction. This is the book's primarily problem. The illustrations and subject matter would appeal to the usual preschool audience, but due to the amount of text, it felt rather long. Even I, a grown adult, grew bored. That said, this book does have some practical applications and would certainly work well for any kind of introduction to robots and making your own robots. Obviously, one would need to supplement greatly and explain that these kinds of robots are cool, but don't exist, but it may work to open up the imagination to the many different robotic possibilities.