Book of the Week - Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I know why the kids love this book. There is nothing else like it. Humor, part graphic novel, part chapter book, and a book any kid can relate to. The first book was the best. Now that I am on the third book though, I can't help but feel like it is too much. Yes, this kid is funny. Hysterical really. He has all the making of a future nobody. There is nothing he is good at, not sports, nor school, not even getting along with his family. When parents ask for books like The Wimpy Kids books, I never know what to recommend, because there is nothing like them.

My complaints? The parents are terrible parents. They are beyond the typical embarassing parents. They are constantly signing this poor kid up to do things that he is clearly no good at and often fails miserably at. Talent shows, sports, brotherly affection. They not only spoil their youngest child, but are constantly blaming and grounding Greg for things he didn't do. Perhaps my biggest issue (as a grown-up) is that he never changes. Greg never learns from his mistakes. No one ever teaches him either. His strange notions about girls, brothers, parents, sports, making money, etc. are never even discussed. Worse yet, Greg is extremely selfish and a terrible friend. He treats his best-friend Rowley with contempt, constantly convincing the less intelligent child to do things that he knows are bad. By the third book, the books feel like they never end. Is the character actually aging? Is he learning anything? Is he failing at school and life as it looks like he is doing in the books.

But in the end, the books are funny. Perhaps I'm missing something, maybe this is the way middle school boys really are. If so, God help us all.