Illustrator of the Week - Judy Schachner

That's right, Judy Schachner, well-known author and illustrator of the SkippyJon Jones series. Just was born on in 1951 in Massachusetts. Self proclaimed as a poor shy girl, Judy turned to artwork to express herself. After all, there was always a pencil at school. In 1969, she attened Massachusetts College of Art and then began her career designing Hallmark cards. She hated the job so much that she wanted to quit painting altogether, but her husband convinced her to try her hand at children's books. In 1995, she wrote and illustrated her first picture book, Willy and May. She went on to illustrate I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie, Mr. Emerson's Cook, How the Cat Swallowed Thunder, and the very popular SkippyJon Jones series.