Forgotten Author of the Week - Elizabeth Winthrop

Elizabeth Winthrop is the great great niece of Theodore Roosevelt. Winthrop believes she has writing in the blood with other authors and poets like Richard Alsop, Susan Alsop, and Marietta Tree as part of her lineage. Winthrop is however, the only fiction writer in her family. After more than forty books for children and short stories, Winthrop feels like she has more than made her mark in the world and her family. Winthrop's first book was a picture book called Bunk Beds and was an imaginative adventure that she and her two younger brothers shared growing up. Many of her books came from such experiences.

Belinda's Hurricane, Walking Away, Lizzie and Harold, Sloppy Kisses, and Tough Eddie. Winthrop is most well known for her books The Castle in the Attic and The Battle for the Castle. You know you have read it. That intermediate book that made you want to go find some hidden kingdom in your attic. Although she was resistant about writing a sequel, she eventually did so once she realized that it didn't have to be a rehash of the same book. New adventures lay around the corner for her characters. Winthrop says this of her different kinds of writing, "Picture books for young children focus my attention on poetry and language, chapter books for middle grade readers keep my mind on the plot and novels for all ages are driven by character. And I write for so many different audiences because frankly it keeps me writing."